Promotional Products

promotional productsIn today’s multi-channel marketing world, it’s refreshing to know there’s a traditional tactic that gets your customers’ attention and reinforces your brand. It can also enhance your direct mail campaigns. Even better – it’s affordable.

If you haven’t considered promotional products lately, now’s the time to take a closer look. These often small but powerful items can help you to:

  • Increase direct mail and print response rates
  • Generate better targeted booth traffic and better qualified leads
  • Create long-term sales with key customers
  • Improve morale with staff members
  • Develop goodwill with prospects, customers, employees and vendors

An Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) study shows that people remember the brands on the items they receive. Wearables have the highest recall at 94 percent followed by bags at 90 percent. Most other items have a recall rate in the 80 to 90 percent range. Even the lowest rate packs a punch—desk accessories at 67 percent.

Many promotional products work well for sending a “thank you” or a “you’re valuable” message. A pen and note pad could do the trick as could wearables or anything deemed useful. The ASI study shows that when asked the reasons for keeping a promotional item, the vast majority chose its usefulness over all other reasons. Great mail items include pens, bookmarks, magnets, credit/debit card holders or calendars.

Our Promotional Product Capabilities

Through our relationship with 3,300+ industry suppliers and the ASI, we have immediate access to more than 750,000 promotional products. We also want to make sure that you’re getting real ROI on your programs. We know that promotional products, when properly integrated into a company’s messaging and collateral, can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales initiatives.

Your Single Source for Promotional Product Advice

Promotional products are just one of the many ways we can support you to reach your goals. Whether you need help with developing a new marketing campaign, ideas to improve the effectiveness of an existing project or you just want to save time and money, we can help.

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