Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingIn 2011, smartphones accounted for the majority of new mobile phone purchases for the first time – more than 70 percent. At the beginning of 2009, smartphones accounted for just 18 percent of new device purchases. (Comscore 2011)

With hundreds of devices on the market, meeting the needs of today’s mobile consumer requires a whole new way of thinking. Mobile needs to be faster, lighter and to-the-point, all while educating the customer and encouraging them to “socialize” or get to know your product or service.

Our Mobile Marketing Solution

Web-based marketing now has to be optimized for the range of smartphone styles as well as larger tablets. And, many businesses are at a loss for how they can capitalize on this emerging mobile market.

A mobile marketing campaign begins with well-defined goals and strategies to reach them. Our mobile marketing services include:

  • Mobile website design and development
  • Mobile application development
  • Mobile SEO
  • Mobile-specific display and search advertising
  • QR code and Microsoft Tag integration

Your Single Source for Mobile Marketing Advice

Deciding how to promote your business is more challenging than ever – because there are simply so many more choices to consider. Allegra Network’s nearly 500 local companies have built a business model focused on knowing and serving small and medium-sized businesses with a more convenient, cost-effective, single source for better advice and more practical marketing solutions.

Mobile marketing campaigns are most often custom. For more information or to schedule an appointment, find a location near you.

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