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marketing servicesYour company’s goals and objectives are what drive your marketing communications strategies. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help to evaluate and choose the right activities for your strategic marketing plan:

  • What is the goal that communications can meet or help meet?
  • How many of what types of people make up my market?
  • What channels could be used to reach them?
  • What combination of channels should be used to reach them?
  • What can I say or offer to generate the action I want?
  • How much activity is enough to meet the goal?
  • How will I measure success or failure so I can improve in the future?

Our Strategic Marketing Services

Our first step to planning is to summarize our clear understanding of your business, its audiences and your current goals, challenges and opportunities. This allows us to determine what role marketing communications could and should play in your business … what’s working and what’s not.

Clearly and precisely defining target markets is the next critical step in the planning process. With a good estimate of the number of people in your target, we can best evaluate and select the media channels available to reach them.

Next we pinpoint the marketing strategies and tactics that will be most effective to help you meet the goals that can be achieved through marketing communications. The media strategy includes a combination of channels– direct mail, improved website, email, mobile, public relations, etc. The creative strategy includes the key messages and/or offers that will be communicated via these media channels.

We’ll also work with you to measure results. The types of measurement that may align with your specific and measurable objectives could include website traffic, store visits, coupon redemptions, appointments, direct sales, event attendance or telephone/email requests for more information.

Your Single Source for Strategic Marketing Advice

Deciding how to promote your business is more challenging than ever – because there are simply so many more choices to consider. Allegra Network’s nearly 500 local companies have built a business model focused on knowing and serving small and medium-sized businesses with a more convenient, cost-effective, single source for better advice and more practical marketing solutions.

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