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mailing and fullfilment

Recent studies confirm that the majority of small businesses prefer a marketing mix that includes new and traditional channels. Even in today’s digital world, people like getting mail. While we might be overwhelmed with the volume of mail in our digital inbox, printed mail gives us something to touch, hold and peruse at our leisure.

In fact, going to the mailbox to discover what’s inside is a daily ritual for most of us. Whether it’s a catalog, a discount offer from a favorite restaurant or an invitation to a fundraising event, mail fills an intrinsic human need. That’s what makes it so powerful – and why direct mail continues to be an extremely effective way to generate leads – and sales.

Our Mailing and Fulfilment Services

Allegra Network’s independently-owned and operated businesses in the U.S. and Canada have the ability and know-how to process any mail piece, including postcards, self-mailers and inserts. We know what’s required so you don’t have to. The means we can process first-class, standard and nonprofit mailings in accordance with U.S. Postal Service or Canada Post postal requirements, capitalizing on lesser-known postage discounts and more accurate delivery options.

We can merge multiple address lists, eliminate duplicate names from a merged or old list, update address changes, select a subset of names from a list for a specific mailing and conduct list brokering.

Postal savings, turnaround time, improved deliverability and better quality from direct addressing versus mailing labels must all be factored into a successful and affordable mailer. Not to mention collating, stuffing, labeling, list management, sorting, coding, font size, folding, sealing and bundling techniques.

We can also track your inventory of printed materials so that you have the quantities you need while minimizing overstock and waste.

Your Single Source for Mailing and Fulfillment Advice

While others are accustomed to huge budgets, huge print runs and huge mailing programs, we are used to figuring out ways to make hundreds, not hundreds of thousands of dollars go further. When you team with one of Allegra Network’s nearly 500 independently-owned and operated companies, you get an integrated, single source for all phases of development, execution and fulfillment. And you can be assured your projects will be designed with cost-effective and quality production in mind.

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