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database managementMarketing truism: 50% of the success of a direct mail campaign depends upon the list. That means every marketer’s primary challenge is to find the right people to talk to … the ones who are making buying decisions about your products/services. That’s why targeting the most likely audience is Job #1 in direct marketing.

In the world of list selection and database management, there a few timeless principles laid out by long-time practitioners in direct mail. For instance, very rarely will the most comprehensive mailing list or the one with the lowest cost provide the best response.

Our Database Management Services

Database management can be complicated because there are so many variables. That’s where we can make it more manageable for you. We have access to the most targeted, pre-qualified databases to make the best list selections so we can help you to:

  • “Clone” your best customers when developing your prospect list
  • Add personalization and relevancy that really pays off in higher response … and drop content that’s just for show
  • Integrate cross-channel campaigns with personalized direct mail and the Web at their core
  • Employ best practices in response options … you might be surprised how people respond these days
  • Determine what offers drive the highest response, depending on your goals and business type
  • Find the best ways to build in measurability to track success and drive ongoing results

The Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS) database offers a rich source of information to help you refine your list strategy for direct mail campaigns. With it, we can help you develop the right list to target the right audience for the highest response rates.

Your Single Source for Database Management Advice

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